We are proud of the candidates we support. Why? Because they represent pro-business, pro-American values. Our candidates have the antidote to the big government, radical leftism that is poisoning our communities. Below is a list of candidates past and present. Our current candidates need your support, so please consider donating today.

Current Congressional Candidates

Allen West (FL-18)
Tim Scott (SC-1)
Mia Love (UT-4)
Virginia Fuller (CA-11)
Joseph McCray (CA-6)
Chris Fields (MN-5)
Vernon Parker (AZ-9)

Current State House and Senate Candidates:

Incumbent Stefani Carter (TX)
Incumbent James White (TX)
Ron Mosby (OH)
William Gray (SC)
Samuel Rivers (SC)
Leon Winn (SC)
Lisa Kinnemore(GA)
Jill Upson (WV)
R.W. Bray (TX)
Dr. T. L. Williams (IA)

Past Candidates and Organizations

Allen West
Antoine Members
Brian K. Hill
Charles Lollar
Chris Nwasike
Citizens for Isaac Hayes
Deborah Honeycutt
Friends of Sharron Angle
Hayes for Congress
Les Philip
Michael Williams
Erwin Roberts
Tim Scott
Ken Blackwell
Ashley Bell
Cheryl Allen
Citizens for Dogan
Citizens for Don Blakey
Friends of Jackie Winters
Friends of Jeff Frederick
Friends of T.W. Shannon
Margaret Iuculano
Melvin Everson
Jane Powdrell-Culbert
Jennifer Carroll
John Stirrup
Marvin Rogers
Willie Lee Talton