Black Republican PAC is dedicated to spreading our Republican principles and ideas in the black community. For the Republican Party to become and stay the country’s majority party, it must bring into its big tent voters who typically vote for Democrats.

The Democrat Party has failed all of America, especially black America. The black community has borne the brunt of two generations of harmful liberal policies. These policies have pushed too many black fathers out of their families, trapped too many black children in failed schools, and addicted too many black mothers to social welfare programs.

Republican values of personal responsibility, limited government, low taxes, and traditional family values are what black America needs to rebuild and indeed thrive.

Black Republican PAC advances these values in two ways.

First, we contribute to black Republican candidates who can be our spokesman and role models. They are our best advocates for the Republican ideas in the black community and can get a fair hearing where other Republicans cannot.

Second, we wage television, radio, and mail campaigns on behalf of black Republican candidates or against liberal Democrats where we can make a difference.

Executive Director

Edward Cousar is the Executive Director of The Black Republican PAC. Edward has extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the South Carolina Republican Party. He was one of the key advisors on the campaign to elect the first Black National Committeeman for the Republican Party in South Carolina. Edward has been involved in politics at all levels and when he was at the University of South Carolina he was Chairman of the College Republicans. Prior to his current position he was a management employee for Verizon Communications in Tampa, Florida.

Raised in Westchester County, New York, Edward currently lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Edward had the honor of representing South Carolina at the Republican Conventions in Minnesota and Florida. Edward is on the York County GOP Leadership Team and is currently the 2nd Vice Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.